What Are Dentures?

Dentures are worn to replace your natural teeth. A complete denture replaces all your natural teeth, while a partial denture replaces some of your teeth and is held in place by clasps that 
fit around some of your remaining teeth. Your denture is made from the best available materials.

How Easy Is It To Adjust to Wearing Dentures?

It is normal for new dentures to feel a little strange at first, but rest assured that you don’t look different. There is no need to feel self-conscious. Although you may produce more saliva than normal, this should settle down after a while. You will soon start to smile, talk and eat confidently.

Will anyone be able to tell them from my natural teeth? 
Not easily. Dentures made with today’s technology can look so natural that people can’t tell you’re wearing them. Your dentures have been custom made to your mouth and coloured to look as natural as possible.

Will my dentures affect my sense of taste? 
Food may taste a little different at first, while your mouth is adjusting to the feel of the denture. However, your taste buds are located mainly on your tongue, so food will soon start to taste normal again.