made in a variety of colours and patterns. At the consultation you will be shown a colour guide, allowing you to fully customise your mouthguards style.

To construct a mouthguard, an impression of your teeth needs to be taken. The technician will use these models to vacuum fit the mouthguard material down. This will result in the most accurate fit as it is made entirely for your mouth, unlike the over the counter options. Depending on your oral situation, a mouthguard may last a year or many years. Most adult teeth do not change significantly. Children however will need to be reassess more regularly to ensure a mouthguard still fits correctly.


All our mouthguards are made in house by our qualified and experienced Dental Prothestist

Mouthguard Care Tips
  •  Keep your mouthguard away from excessive heat

  • Do not rinse your mouthguard in hot water! Rinse your mouthguard with warm water and a mild soap

  • If stains or excessive build up occurs, use a soft toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste

  • Store your mouthguard in a denture box or similar container when not in use

  • Have your mouthguard checked by a dental professional once a year to ensure that the fit is still optimal and to make sure it has not become too worn 


A custom mouthguard is more expensive than the cheaper, preformed options (where you heat and bite), however the level of protection you receive with a custom fitted mouthguard is significantly higher due to the accuracy and quality of materials.

Some or most of the cost may be covered by your private health insurance. At the consultation we can provide a written estimate with item numbers, for you to confirm your healthfund rebate.

The cost of an injury to your teeth or jaw far exceeds the cost outlay of a custom mouthguard and should be considered a necessity for anyone who plays sport.


If you play a sport where there is the possibility of contact to the face, then it is time to consider a mouthguard. A custom fitted mouthguard protects your teeth and at the same time can reduce further injury to your mouth and jaw, by absorbing and spreading the impact.

A mouthguard is custom fitted to each individual tooth. It will not drop down in your mouth, interfere with your speech or inhibit your breathing and will be comfortable to wear. Mouthguards can be